Star Trek season two production’s date fixed

Star Trek movies have been entertaining fans for a long time. To the delight of every fan out there, the Star Trek: Picard will soon be produced. 


Star-trek: Picard series is back on track 


The Star Trek season has been scheduled to go into production in February 2020. This series has faced some complications due to issues emanating from the COVID-19 pandemic, which pushed back the show. Therefore, it was supposed to start by 2020 into 2021. A key actor, Jeri Ryan, who relishes her Star Trek: Voyager position in the series, confirmed through social media that it is expected that the new season's production will start on February 2nd,2021. 


Star Trek: Picard can be said to be three live-action Star Trek season film ready for production next year, as movie producer Alex Kurtzman also confirmed. "We have just started to put things in place to begin production," Kurtzman told reporters recently. 


"We would have started shooting already on this series; however, COVID-19 was a stumbling block, and also there were series of lockdown which delayed our Discovery and Strange New Worlds time. However, I believe we're ready for the primary production now. By the time they start shooting, we should have come up with some shows, which will tell us how prepared we are. We have put in place some structures to take care of some eventualities''


Ryan relishes her role in other Star-trek series


 Ryan starred as a Borg drone in Star Trek: Voyage. She stated on her Twitter handle: 


"I felt scared playing Borg, but Director Richard saved me because I was just in panic when I viewed the script. My first thought was that I couldn't play such a part. However, I am grateful to the team for their help, and I hope that when Picard comes out, it will be well-received.'' 


The producers hope that the pandemic will be controlled next year with various vaccinations in the pipeline.

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