International - What are the unmissable museums in Europe?

What are the unmissable museums in Europe?

Europe is a continent which is home to the most famous museums in the world.  Some of these museums have paintings, sculptures and artefacts that are unique in the world within their walls.  Here are 5 museums in Europe you should absolutely visit!  The Louvre museum The Louvre Museum is one of the largest museums in Europe.  It is also the most visited museum in the world and therefore constitutes one of the greatest attractions in France.  The museum contains many masterpieces.  It is possible to admire the real Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, as well as his famous Venus de Milo.  Do you live in America or Asia and want to visit the Louvre?  You may be eligible for the European Commission Visa Waiver Program.  More information on  The British Museum Located in...
International - China-Australia Dispute: Can Things Ever Go Back To The Way They Were?

China-Australia Dispute: Can Things Ever Go Back To The Way They Were?

Both countries have been involved in a simmering, long-standing standoff and neither party appears ready to stand down. With tensions high and goodwill almost at an all-time low, this conflict has also called into question the feasibility of continued bilateral trade between these countries, and exports at both ends are feeling the strain.    China's hard line stance is making it pretty difficult to see a return to previous warm relations between these two countries. The more pressing question now is, what is the way forward?   The Dispute's Origins China's treatment of her Uyghur population has been a sore point in her foreign relations and Australia is only one of several countries to fall foul of this unspoken rule. There have been several other altercations apart from that...