How to locate a switched-off smartphone?

Several techniques exist today to find your cell phone. Whether it is stolen, forgotten, or dropped, there are several options to help you find it more easily. Discover these techniques in the following lines of this article.

Geolocate your smartphone with Android Find software

There are four main steps to this process. To do this, you first need to access the Find My Device site using a computer or an Android device. Then, log in to the Google Gmail account registered on the switched-off smartphone you are looking for.

After this step, a map will be displayed on the site giving you an approximate GPS location of the smartphone. More details at

Using the Lost Android application

To explore this possibility, you will necessarily need to download this application on a computer or an Android phone. After downloading, there are 3 steps to follow to locate your switched-off smartphone. All you need to do is to sign in to your Google Gmail account by pressing "Sign in". Then click on "Controls" and select the option "Location" in the tab that opens to you. The location map will be displayed and you can copy the coordinates.

With this application, it should be noted that you have another simpler option that allows you to just press "Location fixed interval" after accessing your Gmail account. The software will then launch a search every five minutes to identify all the possibilities concerning the smartphones you have recently logged in with your Gmail account.

Use the IMEI code

This possibility is available if you still have the packaging of your smartphone or the purchase invoice. With this code you can contact your mobile network operator or the police to locate the switched-off smartphone. With the IMEI code, the operator can even remotely block the smartphone before you find it. This allows you to secure your personal information, regardless of the location of your switched-off smartphone.

Finding your switched-off smartphone is no longer complicated. Applications and software platforms allow you to initiate steps to perform a very accurate location.







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