Chelsea manager Frank Lampard rules out the team from winning the Premier League trophy

While Chelsea has seen a mixed fortune this season despite spending over 200 million pounds, their manager believes they can't win the league. 


We are not good enough to win the EPL


The blues young manager Frank Lampard has written off his team chances in the chase of Premier League and promised to make appropriate substitutions against Aston Villa as he looks to bounce back after some disappointing display by his team.


Chelsea suffered a disappointing loss at the hands of 15th place Arsenal. They were humbled 3-1 at the Emirates on Boxing Day, making it their third loses in four Premiership matches, and they are now eight on the table. He had earlier argued that it would be challenging to play a similar team in two games in just 48 hours.


Lampard hinted at benching some top names after a low display against Arsenal


Critical decisions will be made against Aston Villa. As a matter of fact, Lampard has indicated that some fundamental changes will be made today and expects big stars to be dropped. He said. "I will certainly drop some tired and poor performers because we need a quick change after our poor performance [against the Gunners”.  Playing two games in two days is pretty tough, so that these changes will happen sooner.


"Some of these players' changes will occur due to how the game went, how slow and sluggish we play, and fresh legs will have to come in and inject the vigor and personality which we urgently need.


" Why we went unbeaten at the beginning of the season was because of our zeal and strength. We've slowed our pace and need to come back fast to winning ways.''  


However, it won't be easy against a high-flying Aston Villa side with star man Jack Grealish firing on all cylinders.

It is expected that Oliver Ground and Ziyech will be available for this game.