Why NJ Businesses are Smart to Invest in Oil Tank Removal and Detection Services

Today’s New Jersey based businesses have a lot of considerations that remain top of mind when it comes to protecting their brand and bottom line. From having a top-notch legal team to investing in efficiency experts, there are hundreds of things that go into a company’s ability to hit growth goals, year-over-year.

One of the most neglected of these resides in the world of oil tanks. At the turn of the century, oil tanks were buried in the ground to provide heating sources. Today, thousands of commercial and industrial properties have these buried on their premises. This may not seem alarming, but it is. Oil tanks have a life expectancy of about 100 years. This means they will deteriorate and leak toxins and petroleum into the soil. Calling a NJ oil tank removal company for commercial properties is crucial to your ability to thrive in business, and this article will explain why.

Oil Tank Removal and Detection Companies Protect Your Building

A leaking oil tank can cause minor problems, or large-scale catastrophes. Also, minor oil tank leaks can turn into larger ones. In some cases a leaking oil tank can bleed out into the ground and enter a building’s foundation. When this happens, costly remediation services and the potential replacement of an entire foundation occurs. In 2004 a 12000 square-foot factory needed to have its entire foundation replaced and get a new slab after two buried oil tanks leaked out and contaminated the structure. The company wound up declaring bankruptcy, as insurance only covered 30% of the cost.

Simply calling for an oil tank removal NJ company to inspect your property and perform an oil tank sweep will reveal any culprits that might cause a mess. By investing in these services you can protect the integrity of your business.

Oil Tank Removal Companies Protect your Property’s Resale Value

Because it is well known that a leaking oil tank can cause a slew of costly problems (as illustrated in the case previously mentioned) simply having an oil tank removal company come out and perform detection devices can help you get full asking for your property when you put it on the market. Buyers will view your building as being more attractive if it comes with a certificate saying hat oil tank inspection was performed and the property is clear of tanks. If oil tanks are detected, having a certified New Jersey oil tank removal company come and excavate them and dispose of them will increase the resale value.

Keep Your Employees Happy, Improve Retention

Your employees will love working for you if measures are taken to ensure their safety. A leaking oil tank can cause people to get sick if they are exposed to a spill. By calling a NJ oil tank removal company to come and scan the premises for oil tank services, your workers will appreciate the measure and value working for you, and your organization.