Trends that increase Christmas shopping

Christmas comes and with it the ads that according to the latest marketing trends are no longer trying to sell a product but to generate emotions. The purely commercial is outdated. Old fashioned. Now what sells are the feelings.

Tell a story that comes. Let the heart touch. This trend has been called in a thousand ways, from emotional branding to storytelling. Whatever it is to establish a point of union between product and consumer. What it takes to remember the brand. To humanize it. And Christmas is an excellent time to reinforce this emotional message. In fact, probably the first examples of advertising of this kind arose at Christmas. Before the Internet and social networks revolutionized our universe and turned our consumption patterns upside down.

It is interesting as now the purchase of short formal dresses, among other products or services, are bought not for the price but for the emotional value that they intend to bring to our lives, even for a few hours.

In addition to emotional marketing, digital marketing is added where studies conclude that current consumers spend 18% more per purchase in the digital channel than in the physical store.

Besides, 58% of online shoppers will buy more through this channel.
Most cyber consumers buy more than five times a year and women shop more often than men.

Among those who buy more regularly, the most significant adoption of digital channels is found in young women between 14 and 17 years old.

What comes after emotional marketing? Predictions speak of artificial intelligence, of learning about consumer behavior on the Internet and of the data analysis. More than a new advertising trend, a non-marketing will flourish, something that on the other hand has already emerged on several fronts. I speak of minimalism and flight from the popular brand. From the collaborative economy extending to many more sectors. It is not about not consuming, but about modifying, even if only slightly, our habit of consumption. So maybe, in a not so distant Christmas, we stop buying clothes ignoring the tons that are thrown out per year. So that we give bridges to dream (books, music, something made with our hands). Gifts that generate emotion beyond marketing and embody the true meaning of Christmas.