Tips for Planning a Weekend in the Summer

Do you enjoy the summer, but did not you get a vacation? Take advantage of weekends to give yourself a break, travel and discover new places. You can go to Mexico more than vacations, you can go with a dentist from all on 4 implants in Pacific Implant Center Tijuana  and that is called medical tourism, use your vacations well to do more than have fun.

To achieve this, Despegar, the leading online travel agency in Latin America, has prepared the following recommendations so you can plan your getaway.

Take a look at road destinations
Choose a destination near your location to which you can travel by road and find that the time to move is not more than four hours. If you are in Mexico City you have as option Valle de Bravo, Taxco, Puebla, Tepoztlan, etc. On the other hand, if you are in the Bajío area, you can visit places like Guanajuato, Tequisquiapan, Morelia or Aguascalientes.

Take advantage of special discounts for specialized travel applications
Mobile applications help you easily book your accommodation or the activities you would like to do in your destination, plus you have the opportunity to access exclusive discounts that are only offered through this channel.

Check the opinions of other travelers
In online travel agencies you can also check the comments that other travelers have left to know what activities you can do and how much you spent in the destination you want to visit.

Book at least 15 days in advance
The ideal is to book your accommodation before traveling to ensure your place, because during summer there is much demand and some tourist destinations usually reach 100% hotel occupancy.

Save by choosing the right accommodation

Depending on the purpose of your trip, check what type of hotel is the best to stay, so you can save and have more money for other activities; For example, if you are looking to explore the destination, a hotel that includes some food such as breakfast could be the best option, instead if you prefer to go on a complete rest plan, an all-inclusive hotel would be the right one.

We have detected that summer is one of the most sought after seasons for short trips, only the search for weekend trips increases 25% during this month compared to low season weekends.