Tijuana already requires new industrial zones

The border city of Tijuana is a young city in full growth, is recognized by its proximity to San Diego and is home to millions of people from all over the country and even many foreigners live in this city, come from China, Japan, Haiti, etc. . All contributing in different ways to the growth of the city, and this growth is noticeable in industrial areas where there are already required new places where the sector can invest, currently in Tijuana there are 70 million square meters and there is only one of unemployment of 4%, reason why it is necessary to extend.

In addition to the industrial sector, the medical industry is one of the most important in the city, since you can find the best specialist from doctors for Tijuana dental implants to more complicated surgeries such as those of the heart. In fact, any type of business well managed and with a good promotion can succeed in the city, however the spokesman for Economic Development of the CDT, explained that companies should approach the areas where there is population, because it is a problem to create ships where there is no transportation anymore, then there are points such as Valle Redondo and the south, almost adjacent to Rosarito where they could have greater growth.

Since the city grows east, it is for this reason that it is necessary to create more jobs in those areas so that people living there do not have to take hours to get to work, which is what is happening now and they are congesting specific areas, having so much space in the city. He mentioned that the bureaucratic problem is because it is difficult to obtain municipal permits, in fact it is the most complicated municipalities to obtain them.

Similarly, he said that if the ships have land to be fixed, it is more expensive, but there is always opportunity for growth and must be taken into account by the authorities and the companies that invest in the city.