For years of being the soft drinks the first place in sales, has arrived someone who has taken his place and this is bottled water. According to research it is said that in the last year an average American drank an average of 151 liters of bottled water compared to 145 liters of soft drinks, sodas and sugary drinks.

This is just proof that little by little people have tried to change their way of life to have a healthier life, and not only are satisfied with having a bariatric surgery in Tijuana Mexico and plastic surgery in Tijuana Mexico to improve their physique, but also try to make changes in their diet, which is a good thing But we can not say that soft drink companies are losing since most bottled water brands are or have been bought by companies such as Coca-Cola and Pepsico that basically do bottling tap water.

And leaving aside the best thing for health is to consume water compared to sugary drinks, in fact bottled water is a great marketing trick that far from benefiting consumers, only the pockets of big companies benefit as these they have managed to patent by saying a process of purification that in the developed world is practically obtained for free, it is the same as the drinking water in your home.

And if the contamination of the planet by the large amounts of plastic discarded from a single use was not enough, these same companies are launching new bottled water lines under special names and luxury labels that make it appear that it is water brought from another planet, which They sell at twice the price, this being the same as tap water.

So you can save all that money you spend in bottles of water, by buying a BPA-free plastic bottle in which you can fill every day to have water when you leave home, of course it is important to first investigate the water quality of your If you decide on this option, test the water before buying the filter and try to get as much information as possible about 2 or more options.