New VS Used: Why High Quality Food Truck Manufacturers are Worth Partnering With

If you are thinking about buying a food truck for your upcoming new business venture, you are likely tossing around the idea of going used instead of new. Indeed the idea is attractive because you save money up front. But what about the long run?

In 2017 more than 80 percent of new food trucks businesses failed within their first two years. One of the leading causes was continuous repairs on used food trucks. Though you save money on the purchase price, used lunch trucks are money pits. Their repairs are costly, and worse yet when you are unable to work you lose that income while your customers go to your competition. This is why buying a lunch truck, new and custom, from reputable food truck manufacturers, will save you money in the long run, and help prevent your food truck business from ultimately going under.

Buying a Food Truck New Comes with a Custom Workspace

One of many downsides to getting a used lunch truck is you have to make do with the space you are given. This can cause cramped conditions for working where efficiency suffers. Remember, if it takes you longer to prepare and serve food, your impatient line will file off to another food truck. On top of that, you give off an unprofessional look as you bang in to your co-worker and fumble about in a confined area.

When you seek a new vehicle from one of many high-quality food truck manufacturers, you get a custom platform with a space you can comfortably work in right out the gate, and also one that you can still comfortably grow into so long as the food truck builder takes your growth goals into account. As your business grows, you will need more manpower, storage, and equipment. Invest in a custom food truck and maximize your revenue potential.

Buying a Food Truck from a Company Promotes Your Growth

When you buy used food trucks, you are getting them from a seller who has zero investment in your marketing efforts. After all, the truck is already there, and it is what it is. However, when buying a food truck from a manufacturer, part of the design strategy takes on your growth goals. From where the service window is, to the exterior shape and design, when you buy a food truck from an established company the builders take everything into account. Some of these include your cuisine, target location, market, buyer personas, and revenue goals. People would be surprised at learning all the details that go into building a food truck!

Are You Ready to Buy a Food Truck?

If you are ready to invest in a new custom food truck, go online and search for some established companies. Check out their website, discover their past projects, and give the food truck manufacturers a call to learn how they envision your new, custom food truck.