Most Common Chronic Respiratory Diseases in the World

In recent years, various chronic respiratory diseases have been linked to smoking, pollution and other environmental exposures, such as asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and lung cancer. And although they are dangerous, one of the most common is cancer of the mouth as lung cancer share a common factor, the consumption of any tobacco, including cigarettes, pipes, chewing tobacco among others increases the risk of any disease in the lungs and the mouth. Ask for a consultation with your doctor or Brio dental dentist if you have persistent signs and symptoms that worry you and that last more than two weeks.

Currently, noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), including chronic respiratory diseases, are the leading causes of death worldwide.


According to a study conducted by the International Respiratory Societies Forum (FIRS), tobacco smoke, indoor air pollution from fuel combustion, air pollution by traffic and industrial sources, contribute actively to most respiratory conditions. This is because the lungs are the most vulnerable organ to the infection and the lesions of the external environment.


For example, in the world, about 65 million people suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and 3 million die every year, making it the third cause of death. Regarding asthma, it is estimated that approximately 334 million people in the world suffer from it, and it is the most common chronic respiratory disease in childhood, affecting 14% of children. Finally, lung cancer causes the death of 1.6 million people each year, making it the most lethal cancer.


The main factor that leads to the development of COPD and lung cancer is tobacco smoke, both in active smokers, as in passive smokers. Even, smoking can favor a patient with COPD to develop lung cancer. Another problem that both diseases face is the lack of timely diagnosis since their symptoms are often confused with other common respiratory infections. This causes them to be diagnosed in very advanced stages, and its control is difficult.


COPD and lung cancer usually occur after age 40 and should be investigated when there is a constant cough with or without phlegm that lasts more than three weeks, involuntary weight loss, difficulty breathing, chest pain.


Regarding asthma, some studies indicate that children with this chronic condition may have abnormal lung growth and are at risk of developing COPD with irreversible lung damage if they do not receive adequate anti-inflammatory treatment.


Asthma is a common condition in children and among its main symptoms are: difficulty breathing, chronic cough that could only appear when exercising or sleeping, feeling of tightness in the chest or presence of a whistle in it; One or more of these symptoms may occur and are often very variable in their frequency and severity.


It is important to emphasize that if there is any discomfort related to the ordinary flu, such as a cough that lasts more than three weeks, and especially if timely and correct treatment was received, it is advisable not to self-medicate and consult a specialist doctor.