Facts about Dental Crowns

Majorly same day dental crowns in tijuana are administered on medical grounds. They are used to support large filling where tooth left is very small. They are used on teeth whose appearance is not pleasing. This includes colored, broken or worn out and decayed teeth. In addition, they are used for cosmetic purposes as implants. Implants are also used to bridge widely spaced teeth.

Crowns are made of different materials hence types differ. Stainless steel is a type is cap used to support filling temporarily. It is also used in children to avoid further tooth decay. Metal caps are used to cover worn out tooth and they last long. Third type of dental crown is porcelain-fused to metal crowns. These crowns look like normal teeth although metallic part make identifiable. Porcelain part chips off also. We also have all resin dental crowns which are less expensive and wear out as time goes by. Lastly, we have all porcelain caps which also wear out easily and are best suited for front teeth. Mostly they match the color of an individual’s teeth.

Different dental problems require different crowns, thus full attention of the dentist is vital. Special treatment, especially during pregnancy is important to reduce stress. Crowns last between 10-20 years at average. There is need for one to exercise regular dental cleanliness like flossing and brushing teeth with caps. These caps are usually subjects to cavities, so it is important to clean them. There are a few problems associated with dental caps. They include sensitivity or discomfort, crown falling off, loose and chipped crowns. Dental crowns vary in price tags.

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